Greetings Light Walker ~

Since the Orbs began appearing in my photos twenty months ago, I have explored where and when they are most likely to become visible.  Everywhere I’ve gone there have been Orbs, in the cities, in nature, at bars and in airports.  Twilight is the optimum time for finding them, and foggy and rainy days usually result in daytime orbs.

One day as a thunderstorm moved in I became curious if the extra electrical energy would also produce daytime orbs.  There were a few orbs in the photos before it started to rain, but nothing exceptional.  There are always orbs in my pictures when it rains, so I was going to stop taking photos. Till I had this thought: “Can I take pictures in the rain without orbs appearing?”.

I went onto the front porch and began taking photos with the intention – “No Orbs”.  In the following photos were just wet trees and rain.  After taking eight photos without Orbs, I decided to invite them to appear and was shocked to see them appear immediately.  Is it possible Orbs are in some sort of communication with me? Do they have awareness?  I had some earlier experiences which suggested they might be.  This episode added to the evidence.

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~One Love~

Planet Dove