Happy New Year Light Walker~

2012 is here at last.  I have been anticipating its arrival for most of my life, and wondering how the shift will happen.  Orbs are part of the transition into the new dimension, and have become a increasingly well-known phenomenon around the world.  Typically I enjoy finding orbs in Nature – but they do appear all around us all the time.  So in the spirit of celebration of 2012 I am posting some orbs that have appeared at parties.

This is probably the brightest and largest Blue Orb I have photographed – taken at the CHIN Radio Christmas Party in Toronto, 2011.  It was a surprise to find it sharing the stage with Toronto’s mayor – Rob Ford.

Beautiful Large Blue Orb

Beautiful Large Blue Orb

And here is a closer look at the Blue Orb

Beautiful Large Blue Orb - Closer

Here is a mini-slideshow of more sociable Orbs. 🙂

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2012 Here we come!

~One Love~

Planet Dove

PS:The blue Orb photo reappears in the slide show – This theme does not allow separate posts of pictures and slideshows, apparently.