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Dear Light Walker ~

One year ago I began to wake up to ‘chemtrails’.   I had heard about them, and dismissed them as too bizarre to believe, and no big deal.

One winter evening there were chem trails in the sky at ‘orb time’ (twilight) and so these photos have both elements.  Since that beginning I began to pay more attention to what was happening in the skies. Over the summer I spent 100 days studying and observing the jets, the persistent trails and the patterns in the clouds triggered by electromagnetic frequencies. (EMF) So now I know, from first hand observation, that there is definitely weather/sky tampering going on all around us, every day.

I was staggered to discover how intense this daily activity of spraying has become and that it is happening in many countries (G20 countries) around the globe.  The most visible results of heavy spraying are long white streaks in the sky, ‘white skies’ without clouds and ‘dimmed sun’, plus the very weird cloud patterns stimulated by EMF.

So these photos mark the beginning of my year long journey of discovery ~

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One Love~  Planet Dove~

ps:Think Blue Sky!


Happy New Year Light Walker~

2012 is here at last.  I have been anticipating its arrival for most of my life, and wondering how the shift will happen.  Orbs are part of the transition into the new dimension, and have become a increasingly well-known phenomenon around the world.  Typically I enjoy finding orbs in Nature – but they do appear all around us all the time.  So in the spirit of celebration of 2012 I am posting some orbs that have appeared at parties.

This is probably the brightest and largest Blue Orb I have photographed – taken at the CHIN Radio Christmas Party in Toronto, 2011.  It was a surprise to find it sharing the stage with Toronto’s mayor – Rob Ford.

Beautiful Large Blue Orb

Beautiful Large Blue Orb

And here is a closer look at the Blue Orb

Beautiful Large Blue Orb - Closer

Here is a mini-slideshow of more sociable Orbs. 🙂

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2012 Here we come!

~One Love~

Planet Dove

PS:The blue Orb photo reappears in the slide show – This theme does not allow separate posts of pictures and slideshows, apparently.

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