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Dear Light Walker.

Light orbs + fairies + Rods + Ectoplasm = A Nocturnal Earthworm Stew.

A mix of photographs featuring Fairies, Orbs, Ectoplasm and Flying Bars, goes into this tasty night time dish!

All photos are original, unmodified images, taken with a CANON Powershot 1000. Manual settings: Flash on, Infinity focus, and usually 400 or 800 ISO. The older digital cameras show more of the infra red spectrum, which is likely where most of these light beings reside. Just outside our vision. Some people do report being able to see them directly, especially children.

It’s been an interesting year exploring since my first video upload, and so I am including a wider variety of images. Some made my heart race!

This video was inspired by a dear friend, David Pritchard, who was night, free-form DJ, artist, musician and radio documentary producer in Toronto.  His album “Nocturnal Earthworm Stew” seemed to be a good fit for this collection of inter dimensional photographs of Fairies, Light Orbs, Flying Bars and Ectoplasm.  I am sure he would be smiling at these pictures. 🙂

One Love

~Planet Dove~

For more about David Pritchard – one of his band mates wrote this tribute:



Mystical Mists

Greetings Light Walker~ And a Happy Solstice!

It was just after two weeks of photographing my first orbs, that other images began to appear.  Each time a new image emerged, my emotions went from surprise, to nervousness to wonderment.  There is always a surprise element when you take photographs of ‘backdrops’ and find another mysterious image in the foreground.  But then the cultural programming from religion, superstition and media over one’s lifetime kicks in and, unfortunately, a sense of nervousness, perhaps even fear arises.

Fortunately I am blessed with many friends who have sixth sense and other ranges of perception, so I know that there is a magical, mystical world intertwining with the denser mundane ordinary world.  What do these pictures represent?  The atmosphere at the time the photos were taken was always peaceful, so my instinct is that while they are mysterious, they are not harmful in any way.

The first time a mysterious ‘other’ image showed up was in this photo – which includes an almost full moon on the left, an orb to the right and then the mist.

The Moon, an Orb and a Hazy Streak

The next time I found a light anomaly, I was standing basically in the same place, and again with the moon in the frame.  This time the haze appears more as a bright white streak.  It could be something moving through the frame, perhaps an orb.  Edge of the roof can be seen the left.

Large Bright Streak and The Moon

This next picture was an ‘Oh Wow!’ moment for me.  I was completely alone in the wilderness and my heart started racing when I saw this white streak in the screen.  And I felt very nervous about moving forward on the path.  What would I be walking into? Through?

White Haze and Three Light Balls

It took a while before I noticed there are also three small balls of light at the foot of the photo.  And even longer before I realized that they are three different types of ‘light balls’.  The one on the left is a small gold ball, which is unusual.  The one in the middle is a tiny orb, and the one on the right I believe to be an inter dimensional light being.

~One Love~

Planet Dove~

Dear Light Walker –

Here is a new collection of orb photos~  One photo has a bright point of light, that is not an orb -could it be the energy of a fairy instead?

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Thank you for visiting!

Praise, Gratitude and Love

~Planet Dove~

Dear Light Walker~

Among the images that have appeared in photos are a variety of ‘strips’ or ‘bars’ of light.  Sometimes these appear as singles in a session, but more often there will be several appearing in the evening.

I’ve selected several rods and bars that are brighter and more colorful for this post.  Some of the images have been described as ‘scrolls’ of information in ancient languages that some people can translate.  I have not yet developed my skills that far, but I am happy to find them, in all their shimmering beauty, in my photos.   Enjoy!

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Praise, Love and Gratitude

~Planet Dove~

Greetings Light Walker~

A brilliant red coloured orb appeared tonight.  It is the most vivid red orb I have ever seen, and appears to be moving.

Brilliant Red Orb on a Hot Summer's Night

Praise, Love and Gratitude

~Planet Dove~

Greetings Lightwalker  ~

The full moon rising this month was wonderful to behold, especially when some beautiful orbs appeared in the pictures.

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~One Love~

Planet Dove

Greetings Light Walker!

Each time the camera flashes there is a moment of suspense – will there be a Light Being in the photo or just the pine trees?  And which kind will it be?  Orbs or one of the winged ones?  I have discovered that several of the flying light-beings resemble butterflies.  In some cases with legs.  Here is a sampling, including a pair of beautiful butterfly fairies with very long antennae.  (Normal fairies do not have antennae.)

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Greetings Light Walker!

A few months after the orbs began appearing I learned that ‘charms’ or ‘spells’  could be used to attract fairies.  I had discovered them on a podcast.  Later I re-listened to that podcast with the fairy spells on an outdoor  sound system several times one day while I gardened.  That night the bright flying-things-with-wings and blue rods appeared by the dozens in the photographs.  It was so exciting to discover these new images, I could barely sleep.  Every hour or so, I was back outside taking more photos.

As I search for information about what I was seeing in the photos I came across the videos of Chris Valentine who talks about communicating with the fairy realm.  In one You Tube video he explains how to attract fairies by offering them gifts, including cups of milk and warm honey.  According to Chris, the fairies are beings in the etheric realm, or an another dimension from ours.  So they appreciate and enjoy the ‘etheric’ quality of their gifts, they do not physically consume or use a gift.

I decided to try the milk and honey, in a tiny cup on a saucer, and was pleased with the results.  Images of light beings began appearing around the tiny cup of milk & warmed honey.

So imagine my surprise to discover that on some nights  the milk & honey was actually disappearing from the little cup, usually about half was missing!  This was supposed to be happening in the etheric realm, but in the physical realm the milk was disappearing too.  It took a few days before I found out why the cup was half full and was more amazed to discover who was actually drinking the milk!

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Here’s a link to Chris’ videos on You Tube.


Love, Praise and Gratitude

Planet Dove

Greetings Light Walker –

Here is a selection of beautiful  Green Orbs – including some tiny ones  circling around the wee cup of milk and honey left out for the fairies.  Which makes me wonder… do fairies sometimes appear as small balls of light?

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More about the milk and honey in the next post!

In Light and Love!

Planet Dove

Greetings Light Family –

As we swing past midnight and step boldly into 2011, let us fill our hearts with Love, Gratitude and Praise!  We can change the world simply by holding these frequencies!!

Some coloured ORBS below  to help celebrate the Happiest of New Years…

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Planet Dove

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