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Dear Light Walker~

Among the images that have appeared in photos are a variety of ‘strips’ or ‘bars’ of light.  Sometimes these appear as singles in a session, but more often there will be several appearing in the evening.

I’ve selected several rods and bars that are brighter and more colorful for this post.  Some of the images have been described as ‘scrolls’ of information in ancient languages that some people can translate.  I have not yet developed my skills that far, but I am happy to find them, in all their shimmering beauty, in my photos.   Enjoy!

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Praise, Love and Gratitude

~Planet Dove~


Greetings Light Walker!

After a year of exploring the internet to find images of light-beings that are similar to those that are in my photographs, I  decided to create a video.  This is an extensive montage of images of brightly lit, winged beings, including fairies.

The light these magical little beings emit is very intense They are as bright as the full moon in the photos.   The light-beings are from different realms of fairies, nature spirits and devas.  Traditional fairies do not have antennae.  Butterfly fairies do. Several of the light beings have distinct legs and arms in the photos.

~One Love~

Planet Dove

FYI: The question I am asked the most is:  Aren’t those fireflies?  In the beginning I tried to convince myself they were simply ‘ordinary’ bugs in the flash.  But now, some 50,00+ photographs later, I can definitely say: These are not physical (as-we-know-it)  winged beings. The fireflies, Dragonflies, Mosquitoes, Bats and Mayflies all photograph as pale gray when they reflect the flash of the camera.

When the Light-Beings first showed up in photos they appeared as streaks or points of light.  Gradually more detail became revealed.  I hope you enjoy wondering about these images as much as I do!


Surprise! Mystery spider and a moving orb.

Or is this mystery image the result of the combination of the light and angle of the camera catching a physical spider hanging from… what?  Typically a spider web thread reflects the light flash very brightly, but there is no sign of it.   I am not even sure this is a spider, but the shape and eight appendages would suggest it.

There is also a tiny orb below the insect tracking from left to right, leaving a tracer path behind, which is a bit unusual.  It is very small and showing movement.

This mystery creature is in relative focus, whited-out somewhat from light of the flash. Not washed out enough to be very close to the camera.  The background images  around the ‘spider’ are a boat paddle and the pointy end of the pontoon on a Zodiac rubber boat.  The length of the paddle in view is about 18 inches – and the pontoon is at least 24 inches.  What is it connected to? No sign of a strand, although it appears to be holding onto something.

So this image remains a mystery!  Kinda creepy actually –  if it is a huge spider, I can’t decide which dimension – physical or etheric – that I would prefer it to be in! 🙂

In Light and Love – Planet Dove

About a week ago, I began to see fairies.

There were very bright golden-yellow balls of energy with wings in my digital photographs.  At first they appeared as ‘dashes’ and flying ‘V’s, which made me very curious.  But then arms and legs and wings appeared on those glowing shapes.  Since then I have taken photos of these UFO’s everywhere I go.  They look a lot like ‘Tinkerbell’ in some of the pictures.

Fairy view from above - moving away from the camera.

These little energy beings are the newest image to show up on my camera.

In March I found my first ‘orb’ – a bright white round glowing image taken in a darkened room.

Bright Orb March 2010

My first 'oh wow!'

Bright Orb Toronto March 2010 EDIT

Rings are a definitive feature of Orbs.

Since then a whole new world has opened up to explore, a world just beyond the traditional physical senses.  I’ll post more pictures in a bit!

1 ~ Planet Dove

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