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Dear Light Walker~

Among the images that have appeared in photos are a variety of ‘strips’ or ‘bars’ of light.  Sometimes these appear as singles in a session, but more often there will be several appearing in the evening.

I’ve selected several rods and bars that are brighter and more colorful for this post.  Some of the images have been described as ‘scrolls’ of information in ancient languages that some people can translate.  I have not yet developed my skills that far, but I am happy to find them, in all their shimmering beauty, in my photos.   Enjoy!

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Praise, Love and Gratitude

~Planet Dove~


Greetings Light Walker –

In addition to rods there has been a steady array of beams of light, that have different colours.

Here is a series of photos that capture a bar of light as it emerged out of the woods.

(Plus a couple more defined bars or ‘scrolls’ of light from another night.)

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Namaste ~ Planet Dove




Greetings Dear Light Walker

Bright straight lines, often blue in colour, have also been showing up in photos.  Not knowing anything about them, I called them ‘zips’, more as a description.    Others later informed me about the wide spread interest in ‘rods’.  Here is an example of a Blue Rod.  In Light and Love –  Planet Dove

Blue "ZIP" / "ROD"

Close Up of Blue Rod

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