Greetings Light Walker

This is a completely new and wondrous world for me!   In more ways than one since I am able to see the world again!  After being blind for several years, I recovered my sight recently.   I am enthralled at rediscovering the beauty of everything in nature and the wonder of the planet.

Shortly after returning to the world of sight, full colour, and  3-D panoramic vision,  I discovered new images showing up in my flash pictures – light orbs!


So I’ve started this space to host my expanding photo-journal of inter-dimensional or paranormal images – mostly orb and fairy pictures, and also ‘bars’ of light.   These ‘energy beings’ exist just outside our realm of perception, and it is the infra-red light in the camera flash that reveals them. I suspect they are around us all the time, and we walk through them, like walking through a mist.

This orb phenomenon is happening around the world, and has been for many years.  There is conflicting information on-line about what orbs are. There are as many explanations as there are viewers.  What about explanations of dust motes and camera issues?  Certainly, those can create ‘orb’ like images.  However, I have met several people who can see orbs and fairies without a camera, which eliminates the skepticism of the ‘camera/dust’ arguments.

I suspect the orbs  are, in fact,  a variety of different thing/beings.    I do know they are drawn to ‘positive’ atmospheres – song and dance, and happy, loving and  joyful people will attract them in the photos. I just don’t think of the spooky ‘ghost’ stuff.

The fairies (and the many other winged beings) are very new to me at this point.  Yet, there have been some startling images and experiences which have made me concede (albeit reluctantly)  that there really are little winged, light-emitting beings flying around us all the time.  Some that look a lot like Tinkerbell.
I have seen them directly without the camera and I suspect dogs, cats and kids can see them and the orbs.

In  Light and Love – Planet Dove