Greetings Light Walker!

A few months after the orbs began appearing I learned that ‘charms’ or ‘spells’  could be used to attract fairies.  I had discovered them on a podcast.  Later I re-listened to that podcast with the fairy spells on an outdoor  sound system several times one day while I gardened.  That night the bright flying-things-with-wings and blue rods appeared by the dozens in the photographs.  It was so exciting to discover these new images, I could barely sleep.  Every hour or so, I was back outside taking more photos.

As I search for information about what I was seeing in the photos I came across the videos of Chris Valentine who talks about communicating with the fairy realm.  In one You Tube video he explains how to attract fairies by offering them gifts, including cups of milk and warm honey.  According to Chris, the fairies are beings in the etheric realm, or an another dimension from ours.  So they appreciate and enjoy the ‘etheric’ quality of their gifts, they do not physically consume or use a gift.

I decided to try the milk and honey, in a tiny cup on a saucer, and was pleased with the results.  Images of light beings began appearing around the tiny cup of milk & warmed honey.

So imagine my surprise to discover that on some nights  the milk & honey was actually disappearing from the little cup, usually about half was missing!  This was supposed to be happening in the etheric realm, but in the physical realm the milk was disappearing too.  It took a few days before I found out why the cup was half full and was more amazed to discover who was actually drinking the milk!

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Here’s a link to Chris’ videos on You Tube.

Love, Praise and Gratitude

Planet Dove