Greetings Light Walker –

There are more than Orbs within the camera’s reach.  Many more things, or more accurately, light-emitting beings.  After two months of photographing orbs, new images began to show up.  At first they appeared as small points of golden light, or as ‘V’ shaped objects.  They stood out as anomalies, especially on dark background.

When I zoomed in on the images I discovered there were wings on those points of light. And arms, legs and Antennae.  What were these new little beings? Fairies? Kachina’s? Sprites? Something else? Sometimes they appeared in groups.

In this slide show – you will notice a series of photos with the ‘points’ or “flying V’s”, followed by a closer look at the image.  Some of the points are very small.  As time passed, they began to show up regularly and became larger and brighter.

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I would welcome feedback about what you think these images are.

Namaste ~ Planet Dove