Surprise! Mystery spider and a moving orb.

Or is this mystery image the result of the combination of the light and angle of the camera catching a physical spider hanging from… what?  Typically a spider web thread reflects the light flash very brightly, but there is no sign of it.   I am not even sure this is a spider, but the shape and eight appendages would suggest it.

There is also a tiny orb below the insect tracking from left to right, leaving a tracer path behind, which is a bit unusual.  It is very small and showing movement.

This mystery creature is in relative focus, whited-out somewhat from light of the flash. Not washed out enough to be very close to the camera.  The background images  around the ‘spider’ are a boat paddle and the pointy end of the pontoon on a Zodiac rubber boat.  The length of the paddle in view is about 18 inches – and the pontoon is at least 24 inches.  What is it connected to? No sign of a strand, although it appears to be holding onto something.

So this image remains a mystery!  Kinda creepy actually –  if it is a huge spider, I can’t decide which dimension – physical or etheric – that I would prefer it to be in! 🙂

In Light and Love – Planet Dove