Now it’s Fairies Galore!

It started out as a quiet evening – image-wise, but by the end of the night I was feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of UFOs/Fairies in the pictures.

It was a beautiful still night with the deep, long twilight of northern latitudes, so I went out in my little boat “Iona” for an evening float and to capture images from the water. Initially, there were a few orbs here and there.

Darkness had settled in by the time  I returned to shore, which seems to be the best time for taking  inter-dimensional photos.  There is a spot, over a juniper patch down by the dock, where there tends to be a lot of activity.  There was non-stop activity! I quickly filled up the SD card with over a hundred photos of both fairies (?)  and orbs.

It seemed impossible to take a picture without a ‘paranormal’ image.

I found it a bit unnerving to find so many flying ‘ufos’ around me that night, some right up against the camera.

Some of the ‘fairy’ images are golden balls of light or flying ‘V’s, while others have details of wings/arms/legs/antennae.  Most of these images fit into what I call the ‘dangly bits’ category, still very striking because of their brightness.

I will put up more images, when I figure out the gallery function on wordpress! 🙂

In Light and Love   – Planet Dove XO>