Greetings dear Light Walker!

This is the one photo which made me stop and re-think everything I thought I knew about life.   I had been playfully capturing orbs and other UFOs in my photos and wondering…. just exactly what were those winged flying lights? Then two weeks ago I caught this image simultaneously with my eyes and with my camera.

Large UFO - with appendages and wings

Fairy - Up Close and Personal

I was startled by the proximity, and the fact it was no longer possible to deny that there are winged beings around us, just on the edge of our perceptual field.  The orb is beautiful too.  So now what?

Since then, more and more flying light beings are being captured on my camera.  Sometimes they appear as a blur of light – often in the shape of a ‘V’.

Huge Orb Overlapped and Fairy Streak

Another flying ‘ V’….

Fairy Streak - Large

In Light and Love – Planet Dove