You never know what you are going to get in the picture when you are exploring inter-dimensional images. Typically these images are captured only on the camera. BUT, there are people who can see them directly with their own eyes! I was shown how to photograph the orbs, by someone who could obviously see them directly. At this point, I am relying on the camera to ‘catch’ sight of them.

Yesterday morning, just after midnight, I was surprised by these  images.  Earlier that evening, there had only been a few orbs, so I decided to try again in the middle of the night.  Oh my!

Orb Cloud with 'Innie'

A cloud of orbs

This was the view from the front door:

Orb Cloud in the Trees

Orb Cloud in the Trees

Looking towards the dock – you can only just make out the chairs and boat.

Orbs Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

This is only the second time they have appeared in such numbers.  The first time was at Easter back in April.  It is possible to find orbs at extremely close range, when they are this dense.  Humidity can make it easier to find orbs, but it has certainly proven to not be the only factor.  Similar conditions, have not produced similar results.

Here is a picture from April 2010  of Scamper the Cat looking with her ‘orb’ eyes through the cloud.

Fog of orbs

Scamper and Orbs

Later in yesterday, in the evening,  I went out with my camera again, but there were only random  orbs.  There were a quite a few fairies though!

In Light and Love – Planet Dove