About a week ago, I began to see fairies.

There were very bright golden-yellow balls of energy with wings in my digital photographs.  At first they appeared as ‘dashes’ and flying ‘V’s, which made me very curious.  But then arms and legs and wings appeared on those glowing shapes.  Since then I have taken photos of these UFO’s everywhere I go.  They look a lot like ‘Tinkerbell’ in some of the pictures.

Fairy view from above - moving away from the camera.

These little energy beings are the newest image to show up on my camera.

In March I found my first ‘orb’ – a bright white round glowing image taken in a darkened room.

Bright Orb March 2010

My first 'oh wow!'

Bright Orb Toronto March 2010 EDIT

Rings are a definitive feature of Orbs.

Since then a whole new world has opened up to explore, a world just beyond the traditional physical senses.  I’ll post more pictures in a bit!

1 ~ Planet Dove